With LURE Campaigns we empower citizens by informing them about local development and new services available. LURE aims at encouraging citizens to discover and learn more about innovative solutions that improve their lives and provide new business opportunities near them.

About this service

LURE launches information and engagement campaigns in view of local and international initiatives.
LURE creates tailor-made campaigns using social media, web and innovative technologies.
Through these campaigns LURE supports positive changes in local communities and uses techniques that will influence citizens.

For Whom?

- Public and private bodies interested in promoting innovative solutions:
  ⁃ City wide transportation
  ⁃ Energy storage solutions and efficient use of energy
  ⁃ Green infrastructure
  ⁃ Digitalised industrial processes to create innovative services for citizens

What is typically included in the service?

⁃ Development of a campaign strategy
⁃ Roll-out and tracking of the campaign
⁃ Report on the campaign outcome