Solution Platform

Turn your data into practical architectural design solutions that impact the lives of citizens. Improve wellbeing and community livelihoods through architecture that interacts with people. We promote citizens’ centric-solutions as it places the focus on citizens, and not just on technology. Our solutions address a variety of citizens with the architecture that is engaging to interact with. We offer modern and innovative solutions that blend into the existing urban landscape.

About this Service

The 'Solution Platform' service provides you with the public site selection, project analysis and design development. This includes problem and context analysis of the citizens’ perception of urban fabric, capacity assessment, formulating a logic of intervention and detailed architectural design.

For Whom?

Public sector bodies considering building community spaces for creativity and innovation.
Private bodies interested in offering unique and customizable public space services and solutions.
Stakeholders interested in the deployment of services and products in digital multi-service cities.
Our techniques are used across different industries such as: logistic, transportation, telecommunication, energy/utilities, aviation and other industrial sectors.

What is typically included in the service?

⁃ provision of the consolidated overview of key problems/needs being faced by the community
⁃ Site-specific designs
⁃ preparation of key elements in the successful introduction of new mobility models, including communication infrastructure required to implement advance transport methods
⁃ use of different innovative solutions: 3d printing, virtual reality, augmented reality
⁃ Implementation of the proposed solution